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Welcome To Tormarton Mx!

Tormarton Mx is a recreational facility for moto X bikes ranging from 5Occ to unlimited also pit bikes & small quads.

The Pit Bike track has lots of jumps & bumps and is quite demanding.

The Auto Quad track is good size giving excitement to the smaller rider.

The beginner track is for younger person to gain confidence.

The 3 smaller tracks are parental controlled.

Opening Times

Saturday/Sunday 10.00am until 3pm

(Weather Permitting – Please call 07968 502273 for track conditions)

or download Swtrax app form iTunes app store or Google Play to get notification about events.

Riding Fees

  • Main Track 65cc  £25
  • Main Track 85cc  £25
  • Main Track 125cc to unlimited £30
  • Pit Bikes £25 with free membership
  • Autos £20
  • Small Quads £20


You need to have a Tormarton Mx membership before you can ride on the track.

You can either get a Day Licence or fill in a form while your at the track.

Send it with a cheque payable to “Tormarton Mx” for the amount of £12 per person and telephone 07968 502273 for postal address.

  • Membership £12
  • Membership £4 per Day Licence.
 Moto X Shop at the track for all your spares and accessories