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Swtrax is a recreational  facility for moto X bikes ranging from 5Occ to unlimited also pit bikes & small quads.


Has 4 tracks a main track wich is grouped:

65cc + 85cc

125  & above expert

125 & above intermediate.

The Pit Bike track has lots of jumps& bumps and is quite demanding.

The Auto Quad track is good size giving excitement to the smaller rider.

The beginner track is for younger person to gain confidence.

The 3 smaller tracks are parental controlled.


Marshals are at strategic points around the site on two-way  radios, reporting to each other, control point and medic in case of an incident.


The parking are is approximately 9 acres.

The viewing areas are on the boundaries away from the tracks.

WCs are portaloo’s mens & ladies.

We have a spares van which you can obtain oils, chains, grips, levers etc.


We also have a catering van for hot food & drinks , hot chocolate etc.


Any new rider being  newbie to the sport will have to do an assesement in front of the organiser to ensure capability.

We run under  I.O.P.D rules.